Tommo - Lead Vocal

As well as having a powerful & versatile voice, his credentials for the job seem to be his ability to panic before every gig that the equipment will fail (it never does) and his organisational skills that mean the band get bookings.

His stage presence ensures that the audience will always feel involved in the performance, thus ensuring that any performance by the Money Shot is one to remember.

Best Moment - Hitting the high note in "Creep"

Worst Moment - Chipping his tooth on the microphone when collapsing theatrically during "Basket Case"

Greatest Fear - Losing (more of) his hair

Choppa - Lead Guitar

History tells us left handed people have all of the talent....and Choppa just reinforces it. Under the quiet, mild mannered exterior lies a fiercely dedicated and talented guitarist. As each song is added to the playlist, usually a new solo is too. Given minimal time to learn them, Choppa always comes up trumps, usually peaking as it is performed live for the first time.

Armed with his gorgeous left-handed Telecaster guitar, Choppa adds the riffs and the solos, always with a fierce look of concentration on his face.

Best Moment - Any one of many solos - take your pick

Worst Moment - Missing a note (he says he does, but no-one ever notices)

Greatest Fear - The same as every Lead Guitar that ever lived - a broken string in the middle of a solo

Stu - Rhythm Guitar

Having confessed that he had "fulfilled a lifetime's ambition in performing in a band" after the first gig, Stuart is now addicted to performing to an audience, and displays all of the symptoms of an addict if he doesn't get his gig fix regularly.

Unbelievably, this is Stuart's first band, and thanks to his talent and dedication to practice (even whilst studying for an MBA and holding down a job), he puts in a near faultless display of rhythm guitar every time.

Best Moment - Going "freestyle" during Suspicious Minds

Worst Moment - Missing the opening chords to Two Princes (again)

Greatest Fear - Getting stuck in G

Ade - Bass Guitar

Ask Ade how talented he is and he'll tell you "I ain't got no talent". Whilst that's a bare faced lie, he will continue by making the completely truthful point ".....but I bring the attitude, the Shot to the Money Shot". Ade doesn't play the bass guitar - he performs with it, never standing still, jumping around and living the music, usually taking out at least one member of the band with his instrument.

A veteran of playing in bands for the last 12 years, he brings life, soul and a bit of chaos to the Money Shot, and despite his protestations, a chunk of talent too.

Best Moment - Chasing up and down the fretboard during "Take Me Out"

Worst Moment - Asking Tommo to join the band

Greatest Fear - Blisters on the fingers due to soft hands from using baby lotion during nappy changing of his son, Louie.

Ari - Drums

Ari is a strange one - usually turns up to rehearsal knackered after having been up for 20 hours, you can't tell what drum pattern he's going to play for each song. Undoubtedly talented, he keeps us all on our toes by changing things every time - come the night of a gig he will nail every song and put energy into his drumming that defies belief (if he can remember what song he's playing).

Having in the past played in an Ozzy Ozborne tribute band has prepared him (partially) for life with the Money Shot, but Ari still displays behaviour akin to his Black Sabbath counterpart - standing up and walking off stage in the middle of songs ("you don't need me for this bit.....") and using his drum mics to heckle Tommo. But we wouldn't have it any other way......

Best Moment - Military mode in Seven Nation Army

Worst Moment - Practically falling asleep whilst playing during rehearsals.

Greatest Fear - Repeating the same drum pattern for any song, ever.

Big Ade - Roadie

Big Ade is the 6th member of the Money Shot. More than just a heavy lifter and the man who stores the PA in his lounge, Ade is a sound tech, Drum tech, bouncer, security, and all round good bloke. As much a part of the band as any of us, he has designs on, one day, stepping up on stage and playing bass with the band.

The band wouldn't be the same without him - and not just because we'd all have bad backs lifting all the gear.

Best Moment - Singing along to Dakota - louder than the vocal even without a PA!

Worst Moment - Trying to understand the sound desk

Greatest Fear - Fearless......

The Moody Shot, Arty pic taken at Hockley St Studios, March 2008

Big Ade — our roadie, bouncer and very-occasional Bass player

left to right: Tommo (Lead Vocals), Choppa (Lead Guitar), Stu (Rhythm Guitar), Ade (Bass Guitar), Ari (Drums).

Introducing the members of the Money Shot!