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Farmyard Studios where we spent a great weekend a couple of years ago recording. A real opportunity to get away from it all and work on your music with an experienced and skilled staff.

Fighting Fit Personal Training
Neil Perkins, the lead singer’s brother, runs a fitness business providing a totally unique gym experience, specialising in teaching the sweet science, the fitness boxing phenomenon that is here to stay. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, shred your physique and drop body fat, perfect your lead uppercut or go three rounds against a co-worker on a White Collar Boxing Show, have a look at the website that flies in the face of typical “corporate” fitness training.

Also, following huge success of the training programmes, February 2008 sees the opening of Fighting Fit City Gym, the corporate gym with a difference, based in in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, just off St Paul’s Square.

Choppa on You Tube

Doing a passable impression of his hero, Dave Groal.

The original arthouse flyer, 2004

The new wave arthouse flyer, 2007