The Money Shot first came into being in the early days of 04. As with anyone in returning to work after the Christmas break, Ade and Choppa were bored with work, so to alleviate the boredom, started to bring their guitars in with them to mess about during break time. Both had been members of bands a few years previously, and started to revive some of the songs that they had played, songs that back then were great songs, and had since become modern classics (Boys Don't Cry, Mr Jones, Creep, etc.). As stories of the two's exploits spread through the firm, another colleague joined them - Stuart Garrett - a keen guitarist, but someone who had never played in a band before (and like every one of us, had always desperately wanted to). Within a short space of time, the three of them made a studio booking at the Rhythm Rooms in Willenhall and it all started to get serious. However, it became very clear very quickly that none of them would cut it as the vocalist. And there was the small matter of a drummer to be sorted.......

The following weekend saw Ade's football club, Boca Seniors, go on their annual weekend away in Butlin's Minehead. By chance, the team ended up in a Karaoke Bar, where one man stole the show with his stage presence (if slightly rusty voice) during renditions of La Vida Loca and Suspicious Minds (the latter destined to become a Money Shot classic). Over breakfast the following morning, Tommo (the Boca Seniors player manager) needed little persuading to be roped in to trying out for the band, thus fulfilling a long held ambition the following Tuesday - the day before his 30th Birthday!

The following week, the matter of a drummer was "temporarily" resolved through a colleague of Stuart's. Whilst much more used to Thrash & Heavy Metal drumming, 19 year old Martin Pritchard joined the band to help us out, and ended up being part of the band for nearly a year!

Following a solid three month's rehearsing, the band started to feel that they sounded good, but decided the acid test was to play in front of an audience. Consequently, a small selection of friends were invited to the studios to watch the band and encouraged to provide criticism, positive and, of course, negative. To the surprise of the band, performing in front of an audience raised their game, and the response from the audience was hugely positive. Consequently, the first gig was booked for that fateful day, Friday 2nd July 04, when the newly christened "Money Shot" performed their first sell-out gig at the Kings Arms in Harborne.

The rest, as they say, is history..............

....until finding a new drummer became a priority. Ari stepped up to the mark. He's a trained pilot but if he lands the plane like he plays drums, he'll almost certainly land it differently every time "just for variety" and "to keep us on our toes".

The Money Shot are gigging hard in 2009, and have recently celebrated our 5th birthday with a gig at Utopia. Keep an eye on our facebook page for news of more gigs coming up!

Stu & Ade hitting it hard…...

Stu setting up for a summer gig, June 2006

A 04 gig at the old Kings Arms in Harborne (now closed down)

How we got here….